Essential List 8

Spelling List Level 8

accept              constitution                 file                   pearl                sprinkle

accompany      commission                 fleet                 pepper             squeeze

according        companion                   flesh                perform           stalk

acrobatic          compare                       following         personal           starve

active               compel                         force                pickle               stitch

actual               completely                   former             pledge             straighten

actually            concern                        friendly           policy              strap

advance           creep                            gem                 portion             strawberry

affair               curious                         generally          possess            stretch

affect               custom                         German           possession       substance

agent               dash                             glory                possibly           sweater

altitude            debt                             glow                powerful          tablet

American         declare                         grant                practical           task

announce         defeat                          grind                practically        territory

annual              demand                       grocery            praise               theory

appeal              democratic                  Greek              preach              threaten

apply               deny                            gymnasium      president         thumb

appoint            deposit                        handsome        previous           tickled

approach          describe                       herald              prefer               total

apricot            deserve                         hinge               presence          trace

arose                desire                           hire                  preserve           training

assume             determine                    homesick         pride                tremble

assure              develop                       include                        proceed           trial

Atlantic           devil                            indicate           profit               trim

attempt            devote                         influence         proportion       troop

automobile      difficulty                     interests           quilt                 turtle

banner             dim                              inquire             radish              tying

baseball           directly                        insist                railroad            understanding

beet                 display                         instant             ranch

beggar             dodge                          introduce         rattle                university

benefit             dollar                           Italian              recite               urge

bluff                doubt                           justify              recognize         useless

bore                 drawer                         likely               reduce             vain

braid                economic                     locate               relaxation        vary

brand               effort                           loss                  relief                vast

brief                 elbow                          make-up          reminder          vessel

Britain             element                        marriage          remark             victory

broad               engage                         mention           represent          warn

buffalo            errand                          mere (adj.)       reserve             worthy

bushel              establish                      merely             revolution

buzz                 evidence                      moral               risk

calm                 examine                       mule                rotten

campaign         excite                           napkin             scrap

canal                exclaim                        naturally          screw

cease                exist                             necessity          secure

cell                   experiment                  nevertheless     severe

certainly          expression                   nickel               serrated

chamber           extend                         noble               series

charm              faith                             noisy                sigh

check               fallen                           nursery                        similar

Christian          false                             observe            simply

circumstances  familiar                       official             situation

claim                fare                              ore                   slice

closely             fashion                        original            society

clothe              fate                              otherwise         somewhat

colonel             feature                         pace                 soul

combine           fled                              particularly      source

comfort           ferry                            pause               Spanish


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